BizTalk Monitoring Tool : Minotaur, Monitoring BizTalk Server

Key BizTalk operational monitoring; where you need it, when you need it.

Affordable and reliable monitoring

Minotaur ushers in a new era of reliable and affordable monitoring. Many third party vendors will have companies pay hefty annual fees for their monitoring solutions, whereas Minotaur comes at a once off affordable price.

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Proactive monitoring

Minotaur does not wait for errors to occur; it proactively checks your systems against various preconfigured parameters to ensure all systems are operating within normal boundaries.

Reactive monitoring

Integration solutions always have various different touch points ranging from artefacts in BizTalk applications to peripheral services, custom components and even other outside applications. This effectively means many points of failure and it is imperative to keep a watchful eye on the solution as a whole as well as each component in the solution. Minotaur will monitor every aspect of your integration solution.

Actions Engine

Apart from all triggered events being persisted in a database for analysis purposes, the powerful action engine allows for operators to be notified via email, and also for a certain degree of automation such as restarting failed services.

Support and Upgrades

  • Free technical support via email during trial evaluation period.
  • 30 day standard support included in the purchase.
  • Extended support and maintenance plans available.


Easy deployment

Minotaur is easily deployed onto one server on your network and requires no agents to function. Minotaur consists of an web application for administration and reporting and a windows service that takes care of the monitoring.


Minotaur is licensed in four editions, the key being to make effective monitoring more affordable to organizations lacking big technology budgets. The product is effectively licensed per BizTalk group. With the exception of the Enterprise version, you would need a license for each group you plan to monitor.

The Express edition is Free, but only one Express license is allowed per company.

Edition Servers Groups Applications Price (US$)
Action (Requires Registration/Login)
Trial Unlimited 1 Unlimited 30 Days Free Download
Express 1 (SQL & BizTalk in one) 1 1 Free
Professional 2 (1 SQL, 1 BizTalk) 1 20 $899 Buy Now
Network Unlimited 1 Unlimited $1499
Enterprise Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $3999



Suspended Queues Monitors the suspended items queue
BizTalk Orchestrations Monitors BizTalk Orchestrations to ensure they are in the ‘started’ state
BizTalk Receive Locations Monitors BizTalk Receive Locations to ensure they are in the ‘enabled’ state
BizTalk Send Ports Monitors BizTalk Send Ports to ensure they are in the ‘enabled’ state
Activity Monitoring Monitors Orchestrations, Receive and Send Ports for messaging activity
Host Instances / Services Monitors Host Instances to ensure they are in a ‘started’ state
Database Read Monitors databases to ensure that they accept queries
Database File Size Monitors databases files to ensure they are within configured threshold parameters
Database Locks Monitors databases locks to ensure that deadlocks/long running locks don’t impact application operation
SQL Agent Jobs Monitors the BizTalk SQL Agent Jobs to ensure they run successfully and regularly
Disk Space Monitors server disk space to all servers hosting BizTalk Integration Solutions against configured thresholds
Performance Monitors Monitors performance monitoring metrics on all servers hosting BizTalk Integration Solutions against configured thresholds
Event Logs Monitors event logs on all servers hosting BizTalk Integration Solutions for configured event log entries


Operator / Administrator Email Subscription Engine Operators / administrators subscribe to monitored events
Failure Notification A notification is created on any failure or threshold violation
Success Notification A notification is created in the event where a previous failure is corrected
Once-off Notification Only one notification is created per failure instance
Dashboard A Red-Yellow-Green light style real-time dashboard