Mercadona launches apps and its new online store for iOS and Android

Mercadona is the most popular supermarket chain in Spain, but its website was so awful that Juan Roig himself said last year that it was “shitty” and that it was going to be improved in 2018. After a €20 million investment, Mercadona’s new online store is finally up and running.

Mercadona launches its new online store but only in 14 municipalities of Valencia for the moment

This was one of the most expected launches of the last few years in terms of online shopping. In this sense, Mercadona lagged behind its competitors, one of them being Amazon, which has supermarket solutions like Amazon Fresh and Prime Now that sell food, beverages, medicines, toys, home supplies and fresh produce.

Prime Now currently works only in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, and it is in Valencia where Mercadona launched its online store as a pilot test called “Lab.” A lot of money has been invested in this new website, which has been months in the making.

Mercadona built a warehouse, exclusive for online sales, in the Vara de Quart industrial area in Valencia. Every order made in Valencia, which is where the service is available, will be managed in this industrial area. As of now, there are a total of 14 municipalities where the service is available.

Although it has only been launched in Valencia, Mercadona’s goal is to expand this service to Spain’s major cities. The distribution center in Valencia, which cost €12 million, will expand its coverage to more municipalities in the coming months. The team behind the project is currently made up of 240 people, comprising computer engineers and warehouse personnel.

The minimum order is set to €50 with a €7.21 fee per order

The vehicles where the orders will be transported in have three temperatures. They will also try to reduce the delivery time and guarantee freshness. There are two truck models: a big one that allows transporting up to 15 orders, and a small one, for areas that are difficult to access, that can transport up to 9 orders per trip.

The order fee remains the same at €7.21, and the minimum order is set to €50. Orders can only be paid with card, and the delivery is done a day after the order is placed from Monday to Saturday and from 07:00 to 22:00 in one-hour intervals. The current service will remain available and will coexist with the new one for the next few years. Virtually the same products that you can buy on the store will be available on the online store. The website remains

Besides the website, Mercadona has also launched two apps for iOS and Android with a more intuitive design, allowing users to easily shop wherever they are.