Google Home has a price and a launch date in Spain

During the last Google I/O, the company revealed that it would launch the Google Home and Google Home Mini smart speakers in more European countries, Spain being one of them. This makes sense given that Google Assistant has been available in Spanish for half a year, and it has the same software as the speakers. Now we know that Google Home will arrive in Spain next month.

Google Home will be sold in Spain in June for €149

La Vanguardia has confirmed this today: Google Home and Google Home Mini will be available in Spain in June, much sooner than expected. We thought that both speakers could be available during the fall given that Google stated that it expected to launch the speakers throughout the year.

Google Home, Google’s first smart speaker, will be sold for €149 whereas Google Home Mini will be sold for €59. These are the same price points seen in Germany, where a few weeks ago there was a sale that put them at €129 and €44, respectively. We still do not know much about Google Home Max other than it will take longer to arrive. It is currently being sold only in the U.S. and, since a few days ago, in Canada.

The speakers will be available through Google’s online store. There are also talks for them to be sold in stores like MediaMarkt, so it would not be odd to see the speakers in other stores like El Corte Inglés, Fnac or Amazon.

Google has sold 10 million Google Home speakers in a year and a half

Google Home was launched in November 2016. A year and a half later, Google has sold around 10 million units, most of them in the U.S. Google Assistant was also launched for Android, and it was slowly distributed to phones other than the Pixel. Google Assistant is currently featured in around 1,000 million Android devices.

Google will not be the only company launching smart speakers in Spain this year. Amazon will make Alexa available in Spanish on its Echo speakers by year’s end. Amazon’s speakers are the best-selling speakers in the U.S., and its voice assistant has the largest market share of the country’s smart speaker sector. Amazon has reportedly sold a total of 30 million Echo units.

We can easily perform tasks with just a phrase thanks to voice assistants. For example, we can check the weather, the news, if we have new messages, or we can control home automation systems like the thermostat and the lights. We can also make calls using voice assistants. It will be interesting to see if Google will announce a deal with Spanish carriers for a call service.