The best gaming headphones you can buy

Finding the best gaming headsets is not always easy. The range of gaming headsets is so wide that we can easily get lost in so many models, making it harder for us to choose one headset. We can go for a cheap gaming headset or we can go for a high-end one if we can allow ourselves to spend more money.

If you are looking for the best gaming headsets of 2018, as a gamer you already know that sound is a key factor when you are sitting in front of the screen with the controller in your hands in order to play games and have a great leisure time. Having a good gaming headset will make a difference at certain moments. For example, a good headset could give you clues about your enemies and allies’ whereabouts. It could warn you about recent events that are not shown on screen, like a possible shooting. Continue reading The best gaming headphones you can buy

The best Mini PCs you can buy

Both smartphones and tablets revolutionized our lives in a lot of ways.

They have also shaken the PC world. Mobile devices are now popular, outshining classic PCs. It took ten years for Intel, NVIDIA and AMD to entirely renovate their manufacturing models because they prioritized power over size, power consumption and heat.

But we now have low-power PCs with processors and GPUs that produce little heat, allowing manufacturers to design powerful and versatile Mini PCs that fit in the palm of our hands.

The advantages of these Mini PCs are evident. We can place them in any corner, on a small table behind the screen, on the living room’s bookshelf to connect the TV for playing videos, streaming and gaming. We can even travel with them. Continue reading The best Mini PCs you can buy