BizTalk Monitoring Software

Minotaur Minotaur is a complete end to end solution for monitoring BizTalk Server Enterprise solutions. Minotaur is not just any BizTalk Monitoring Tool; it is a vital contributor to ensuring reliable BizTalk solutions from an operational point of view. Minotaur will monitor your entire BizTalk environment proactively and reactively, thereby preventing many errors before they happen and also allowing administrators and operators to react quickly when errors do in fact occur.At Raging Bull Tech, we believe that companies should have better leverage and greater return from their choice of technology solutions. Companies have invested large sums of money and a lot of time in acquiring or building integration solutions, a process that is quite often short-circuited by not investing in the operational side once the solutions are live. BizTalk Server as a technology platform and framework is no exception to this.

There are a few good off the shelf products that do BizTalk Server monitoring; with many of them focusing on application specific monitoring and not so much on the environment surrounding the BizTalk Server deployment and the applications running in the environment. This is where Minotaur is different; Minotaur will monitor your BizTalk applications, the applications and services environments surrounding your BizTalk applications and also the environment on which your applications run.

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Raging Bull TechPassion for integration and BizTalk Server is what drives us at Raging Bull Tech.
BizTalk Server is the standard for creating best of breed integration solutions in the market today; and we strive to empower companies to get greater return from their investments into BizTalk. We are in process of developing a suite of products that will play in the design space to facilitate faster time to market of BizTalk solutions, as well as products that will facilitate more effective administration of your BizTalk environments.
Our flagship product, Minotaur, is a complete end to end monitoring solution for BizTalk Server 2006 – 2009.